Sears logistics services


When asked by the customer to construct a new storage lot for their downtown Dallas distribution center, Anderson Paving, Inc. used its years of experience with cement stabilized base construction to develop a heavy duty specification that would serve their needs, could be completed in a minimum of time and was cost efficient.

The eight acre site consisted of an existing asphalt parking lot, an area of crushed rock, an abandoned street and an old waste area. The asphalt paving was pulverized and stockpiled along with the existing crushed rock. The project was then excavated, the aggregate material spread over the site and additional aggregate added prior to cement stabilization.

After the cement stabilized base was completed, concrete pads were installed for the trailer supports to rest on, and the lot was overlaid.

Sundance Square servicesThe management of Sundance Square needed to convert an existing piece of property with multiple elevations that did not allow for the most efficient parking layout. The decision to move forward with this project on this one acre site was hastened when heavy rains caused one of the retaining walls to collapse.

The existing concrete retaining walls along with patches of concrete paving were demolished and the debris hauled away. We then pulverized the existing asphalt paving and stockpiled it on-site for later reuse in the project. The sub base material was excavated, sloped evenly across the site and prepared for the installation of the new paving. The pulverized asphalt that was stockpiled earlier was spread over the entire site, cement stabilized and compacted to produce the base for the new asphalt surface course. Broken sidewalks were replaced and barrier free ramps were added at the street corners and the new lot was striped to give Sundance Square Management the maximum amount of parking possible.

In barely two weeks, Anderson Paving, Inc. had turned this potential liability into an increased source of revenue that eliminated the major liabilities of the previous parking layout.